Meher Today – 21st August

Meher Today – 21st August

21 August 1937

On Saturday, 21 August 1937, William Henry Warner, a well-known American novelist, came to see Baba. He said, “It is an honor and privilege to meet you.” Baba indicated that he, too, was happy to see him.

Warner asked Baba, “For a long time, I have been trying to find out the actual definition of love. Can you tell me what it is?”

Baba responded, “Love means a life of giving without expectation of receiving any reward.”

Warner was impressed with this pithy epigram, and Baba continued, “People must give and then receive. First give and then you will have all. But instead, people want to first have all and then think of giving. This is not the right way.”

21 August 1959

One day Francis told Baba that the Blue Bus and New Life Caravan were of historic interest. “People in the future will be interested in seeing them,” he pointed out. “And since they are deteriorating in the harsh Indian climate, they should be properly restored and preserved.” Francis sought Baba’s permission to carry out this work himself.

On 21 August 1959, Baba gave him permission, stating, “Start the repairs and take any help you require. Whatever material is not available here will be brought from the market.”  Baba sanctioned Rs.1,000 for this work.

He commented, “Francis, your idea is a very good one. Mehera also appreciated it. I will give you my opinions after personally inspecting your work.”

21 August 1962

Jalbhai came from Poona on 21 August 1962 to discuss transport arrangements for the East-West Gathering. Noshir Irani saw Baba at Meherazad on the 23rd.

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