Meher Today – 20th September

Meher Today – 20th September

20 September 1928

Late in the night of 20 September, Baba asked Waman Subnis and Pleader to offer prayers to stop the rain. At 2:00 A.M., with a few persons, Baba walked to the banks of the Pravara River. There he sat down and dipped his feet in the water. Soon after, the rains diminished and the flood waters gradually receded. The village of Toka was saved and its residents were greatly relieved.

20 September 1929

At quarter past nine on the morning of Friday, 20 September 1929, Kaka Baria drove Baba and the mandali to Victoria Docks. Several of the Master’s devotees had come from Poona, Ahmednagar, and Bombay to wish him farewell. Memo and Gulmai were the first to garland Baba. The group boarded the SS Varsova and sailed at eleven o’clock that evening. Cheering, all his devotees joined in a hearty bon voyage.

20 September 1934

On Thursday, 20 September 1934, Baba sent Adi Sr., Vishnu and Dhake to Upasni Maharaj at Sakori with this message:

Baba is in financial difficulty at the moment and Maharaj should return the loan of Rs.15,000 which Baba sent him through Vajifdar in the days of Manzil-e-Meem. If Maharaj repays the loan, Baba will postpone his trip to the West and free Maharaj from his court trouble through the influence of his followers.

In the East and the West, Baba has wealthy, influential devotees [like Sir Akbar Hyderi], who could prevail on the Governor to help in the case and Maharaj would be free of it.

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