Meher Today – 20th November

Meher Today – 20th November

20 November 1923

On 20 November Baba went with a few of the mandali to Cliffton Beach, then walked back to Halt Ho in the hot sun. It was observed that he was moving about in the extreme heat, perhaps in sympathy with those still seeking employment.

20 November 1949

Baba explains the subject of receiving bhiksha (alms) to his New Life companions. They are instructed to go barefoot, address the homeowner politely, accept whatever is offered (except money) and, if denied, to move on without getting perturbed. The begging is to begin on November 24th.

20 November 1953

On Friday, 20 November 1953, Baba visited the mausoleum shrine of Nizamuddin,  one of the most celebrated Sufi saints in India. He also paid his respects at a few other places in Delhi, accompanied by Kain and Keki Desai. While returning to Kain’s house, Baba instructed both, “Henceforth never visit any religious place — temple, church, or mosque — or go to any sadhu, saint or wali.”


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