Meher Today – 20th July

Meher Today – 20th July

20 July 1949 – On Wednesday, 20 July 1949, Baba began a three-day seclusion in a room upstairs at Thube’s bungalow. Baba stated he would not be coming downstairs for meals or to chat with the mandali. He explained that he was undergoing this seclusion “for the very many disappointing features of this trip, and the consequent failure to relax.” The mandali were allowed to see Baba upstairs when sent for, and Ghani was still to read poetry to him when called. When masts or sadhus were brought, Baba would contact them upstairs.

20 July 1939 – Sarosh delivered a new Buick for Elizabeth from Bombay on 20 July 1939. The 26th was Elizabeth’s birthday and she gave Baba a ride in her new car. The following day, Sarosh returned to Meherabad to see Baba with Viloo. Although Sarosh was devoted to Baba from the early 1920s, his wife Viloo still harbored doubts about Baba and was openly cynical. During their meeting, Baba remarked, “Whatever I say, I say from my Unlimited I. You have a limited I. I can read what you are thinking now, and I also know what you will think tomorrow. One day I will demonstrate it to you!”

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  1. Instead of only prayers and arti u should have continue bhajan program also that will be highly appriciated
    Jai Meher Baba

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