Meher Today – 20th January

Meher Today – 20th January

20 January 1924

Baba broke his prolonged fast on Sunday, 20 January 1924 and began eating solid food once every day. As mentioned throughout his life, the mandali were to observe that all of Baba’s actions contained hidden significance that affected the lives of everything in creation. Sometimes the reasons for the Master’s moods, seclusions or fasts would become apparent or they would coincide with certain world events which the mandali would come to know of later when they read the newspapers. For example, when Baba was in a bad mood or shouting at someone, the next day they would read of some disaster or natural calamity, such as a train crash, an ocean liner sinking, or a great flood or drought somewhere in the world. In the case of Meher Baba’s breaking his fast on 20 January, the following day the Russian Communist leader Vladimir Lenin passed away. (Over 900,000 people came to view Lenin’s body during the four days and nights that it lay in state.)

20 January 1955

On 20 January 1955, Baba went to Khuldabad with Eruch, Pendu and Baidul in the Vauxhall. Chhagan was called from Ahmednagar and met them there. Baba worked in seclusion daily in the dargah of Hazrat Zarzari Zar Baksh, as well as in other tombs, and the mandali would keep a strict watch all around so that even the sound of a chirping bird would not be heard by Baba.

20 January 1968

On 20 January, Baba dictated this circular for his lovers throughout the world, to be mailed by Adi:

Avatar Meher Baba wishes all his lovers to know that his seclusion which was to continue until the 25th of February 1968, will continue until the 25th of March 1968, when he will complete his seclusion.

Baba wants his lovers to know that by this date the phase of his Universal work in seclusion will end, and that there will be no further seclusions.

To help him in this work, Baba wants all his lovers to recite once daily the Master’s Prayer (O Parvardigar) and the Prayer of Repentance, individually or collectively, from the time they receive this circular until the 25th of March 1968, and also to observe complete silence for 24 hours from midnight of 16 March to midnight of 17 March 1968.


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