Meher Today – 20th December

Meher Today – 20th December

20 December 1932

Baba arrives in Cairo and stays at the Hotel Pension Morandi.

20 December 1949

On the last day of their stay in Jaunpur, 20 December, Baba, along with Pendu, Baidul and Eruch traveled four miles from the city and contacted an advanced mast.

20 December 1956

Baba was also making plans to visit America in 1956. On 20 December, he cabled Elizabeth Patterson in Myrtle Beach: “I definitely intend to come to the West middle of next year. Inform everyone in America.”

20 December 1968

Dr. Ginde wrote that he was concerned about it and could not understand the cause for it. But after Baba’s second blood transfusion on 20 December, Baba ordered that no doctor should be called unless asked by him. Goher was afraid regarding his urea level, so Don was allowed to visit and check Baba’s condition. Whenever the mandali broached the topic of the Poona darshan, Baba would casually reply, “Do not worry about it.” Some days, he would get no spasms, but then they would recur again. Baba would often remark to the mandali, “The time is very near.”


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