Meher Today – 1st November

Meher Today – 1st November

November 1938

Before leaving on the Blue Bus Tour, Helen Dahm completes her painting in the “crypt room,” including the inner part of the crypt and dome.

1 November 1933

Baba arrives in Barcelona. Here he visits a cathedral and the old Parliament House and the summit of Mt. Tibidabo.

1 November 1948

Baba left Meherazad for a second mast tour in Gujarat in 1948 at six o’clock on the morning of Monday, 1 November 1948, with Vishnu, Eruch and Jal Kerawalla (who had arrived the day before). Adi Sr. drove them to Bombay, stopping on the way at Bindra House, where Baba gave darshan to Gadekar’s and Vithal Bhokre’s families among others. Baidul, Chhagan and Gustadji went by train to Bombay. Jal took a train to Nagpur, and Baba and the mandali boarded the Kathiawar Mail train at 6:30 P.M.

1 November 1962

From noon on Thursday, 1 November 1962, hired buses began plying between Guruprasad and the places where the Easterners were staying, dropping them at the entrance of Guruprasad to wait. At two o’clock, the gate to the meeting pandal was flung open and the crowd swarmed in. Within minutes the pandal was full. More than 5,000 people had assembled. The Westerners sat in front, the Easterners behind them, women on Baba’s left side and men on his right.

1 November 1965

On 1 November 1965, Naosherwan Nalavala, of Dehra Dun, published the first issue of a periodical devoted to Baba titled the Spark.


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