Meher Today – 1st January

Meher Today – 1st January

1 January 1929

On Tuesday, 1 January 1929, meetings were held about the financial affairs of the ashram. (A loan had been taken from Nusserwan, but he required some payment.) Buasaheb complained, “There are so many in the mandali these days and the activities being less and less, they do nothing but eat. To reduce expenses it is advisable to reduce their number.”

Baba replied, “Don’t worry; everything will be all right. Last year it was the Prem Ashram boys who were crying, and this year it will be us who are weeping!”

1 January 1932

Baba returns to India from his first trip to Europe and America.

1 January 1933

Baba sees the Sphinx and the great pyramids of Cheops and Chephren at Gizeh, Egypt.

1 January 1950

Baba wishes all New Life companions a “Happy New Life” and offers a piece of cake to all. This signifies the end of the training period of the New Life and the beginning of the New Life in earnest.

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  1. Jai Meherbaba bless us all to be under your fold forever and always .

  2. Most memorable recollecting videos

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