Meher Today – 1st December

Meher Today – 1st December

1 December 1949

Baba started on foot for Sarnath with the men and women companions on Thursday, 1 December 1949 — and Age was able to add new material to its storehouse of treasure! The companions were not ready to taste the Wine of Love from their Beloved, and so he himself, playing the part of devotee, had forsaken everything material for their benefit. Though the gods were sharing in this divine drama, not having gross bodies, they were unable to have his physical contact — and for this they envied the companions!

1 December 1954

Baba began his 40 days of special work: For ten days, from 1 to 10 December 1954, Baba ate only one meal a day. From the 11th to the 20th, he remained on liquids only; and, from 21 December to 10 January, he fasted on one cup of coffee and a glass of fruit juice taken twice daily. Baba had already given up the use of the alphabet board, and from 1 December he stopped using hand gestures also. During this time, Baba was working with Kaikobad for two hours every day in Jal Villa, and almost completely stopped visiting the mandali.

1 December 1957

This message was sent to the Westerners through Mani’s Family Letter of 1 December:

I am happy with your love and know your unquestioning and willing acceptance of my wishes. I know what is best and my decision is for the best. I love you as God alone can love, and will definitely give you my sahavas in May 1958. This sahavas will give you what I want you to have 100 percent to my satisfaction. You will then understand fully what I mean by this. Hold on to my daaman, love me more and more and you will receive fully what I shall give.

My love to each.

1 December 1967

From Friday, 1 December 1967, Baba’s embarked on what he indicated was “the remaining 70 days of his seclusion work.” His work with Kaikobad continued, mornings and afternoons. After each session of work, Baba looked exhausted and was soaked with perspiration. Eruch would wipe him dry, apply talcum powder and help him change into a clean sadra.

Explaining about his work one day, Baba said: “You can only see what you see me doing outwardly, but I am continually working on all planes of consciousness at the same time. As my manifestation time is closing in, the pressure of my work is tremendous. You cannot have an iota of an idea of it.


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