Meher Today – 19th September

Meher Today – 19th September

19 September 1926

On 19 September, Baba remarked, “A moment of one’s life spent in the company of a Sadguru is more valuable than hundreds of years of tapa-japa(repeating God’s name with beads). Or as Vivekananda said, ‘To light a chillum [water pipe] for a Sadguru is better than millions of years of meditation.’ ”

19 September 1927

On 19 September 1927, Baily came to see Baba and stayed at Meherabad for a few days. He was given permission to write articles about Baba for different English and vernacular publications. Later a new hand-drawn rickshaw arrived on the hill for Baba’s use. Baba was requested to inaugurate it by sitting in it and taking a trial ride. Baba did so and selected Baily to be the first to pull him in it. Baily took his position between the two poles, picked them up from the ground, and quickly ran with it to the railway line, turned around, and pulled it back up the hill where the others were waiting. G. M. Shah, a photographer from Ahmednagar, was called to photograph the Master seated in the rickshaw. Shah also photographed the Meher Ashram building and the schoolboys. On other occasions, another local photographer, S. S. Deen (who resided near Khushru Quarters) would be called to photograph Baba.

19 September 1937

Meanwhile Consuelo and Alfredo de Sides had invited Baba to Paris, along with the women mandali. On Sunday morning, Sunday, 19 September 1937, he left at five o’clock by car with Mehera, Mani, Khorshed, Naja, Kitty and Elizabeth. With instructions to meet them in Paris, Rano and Anita accompanied Soonamasi and Walu by train. Baba and the women spent one night at the town of Lyons and then drove on to Paris, stopping for a picnic on the way.

Mehera, Mani, Khorshed and Naja had orders that if they happened to see any man, they should look down immediately. Baba put Mani in Rano’s care during the two days they spent in Paris, and Baba instructed her to be mindful not to let even Mani’s clothes brush against any man’s. Mani was only nineteen and, being lively by nature, would move quickly whenever they went out. It was a difficult duty for Rano, and her whole attention was focused on seeing that Mani did not inadvertently touch any man.

19 September 1938

On Tuesday, 19 September 1938, one of the Western women questioned, “Why do we suffer?” Baba dictated this reply:

Why should we be born? To take birth means to suffer. When suffering leads to real eternal happiness we should not attach importance to this suffering. It is to eliminate suffering that suffering has to be. Most of this suffering is unnecessary and self-inflicted. Ninety-nine percent of the world’s suffering is self-inflicted. Yet, they ask, “Why must we suffer?” Great suffering means great liberation.

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