Meher Today – 19th November

Meher Today – 19th November

19 November 1926

Baba came into the Makan at 6:00 A.M. on 19 November, and finding a few of the men still asleep, he had them doused with cold water! More meetings were held, along with the usual games of cricket and atya-patya.

19 November 1927

On Saturday, 19 November 1927, an emaciated sadhu arrived at lower Meherabad at 2:00 P.M. After walking around the Mess Quarters, he put down his sack of belongings and began to dance. “There is fire here,” he sang. “I’ve been searching for Him here, there, and everywhere.” Baba was informed and sent Baidul with instructions that the man be given something to eat and then sent on his way.

19 November 1938

On 19 November 1938, Adi Sr. drove Baba, Norina, Elizabeth, Nonny and a few of the mandali to the opening of Dr. Gune’s Ayurvedic Hospital on Station Road in Ahmednagar, which Baba performed.

19 November 1953

Baba watches half a cricket match in New Delhi. After sometime, he announces that his work is done and leaves.





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