Meher Today – 19th March

Meher Today – 19th March

19 March 1923

During this period, the Master would sometimes visit a local theater with the mandali, but he would rarely stay until the completion of the film or play. He went for his inner work, and as soon as that work was finished — whether it was during the middle of an act or not — he would stand up in the theater and promptly depart. The mandali had no choice but to follow, abandoning their enjoyment and curiosity of how the play would end. But on 19 March, when he took the mandali to see a comedy (“Deep Waters”), he unexpectedly stayed until the last curtain call, much to the surprised satisfaction of the mandali.

19 March 1943

After this mast tour in South India, Baba returned to Mahabaleshwar on the evening of 19 March 1943. As usual, Krishna and Venkoba Rao were the night watchmen outside of Valley View bungalow. One night a tiger came near the house. Krishna saw it but did not move from his position, though he was frightened. The tiger glowered menacingly. Krishna had a rifle with him.  Just as he was about to take aim, Baba clapped. Krishna came inside and told Baba there was a tiger nearby. “Should I shoot it, Baba?” he asked.

“Wait, I’ll come,” gestured Baba. But Baba did not come for five minutes, by which time the tiger had stalked away. Baba motioned, “Now shoot.” Krishna fired in the direction taken by the tiger, but the bullet lodged in the trunk of a tree.

Inside, Baba asked him, “Were you scared?” Krishna admitted that he was. “Don’t be,” gestured Baba. “The tiger won’t devour you. Why were you afraid?” Krishna could not explain.

Teasing him, Baba remarked, “My burden would have been lessened had he eaten you!” After this incident, Baba instructed Krishna to sit in the Blue Bus during his watch, instead of unprotected out in the open

19 March 1966

On 19 March 1966, Naosherwan suddenly announced to his parents his decision to renounce everything and go directly to Meherazad, where he hoped to live with Baba as one of the mandali. If Baba refused, he said he would go to a cave in some remote place and meditate on Baba. His final exams for his bachelor’s degree were approaching, but he decided not to appear for them. When his mother heard this, she secretly sent telegrams to Baba about his decision. Baba heard her telegrams and commented, “Outward renunciation is unnecessary when the Avatar’s daaman is held. Obedience to the Avatar is essential.”


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