Meher Today – 19th December

Meher Today – 19th December

19 December 1925

Meher Baba reveals, “My real form is indescribable! When I speak, a few will experience it internally, from within. At that time, my outward form will resemble the forms of Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, Rama and Zoroaster. They all looked like me, with the same hair and a similar face.”

19 December 1932

Baba arrives in Alexandria, Egypt.

19 December 1952

As Meher Baba’s identity had been revealed throughout the city, he left Aurangabad a day and a half earlier than planned for Amraoti, intending to spend a day along the way at Manmad. They departed by train very early on Friday morning, 19 December 1952. At the station there was a great rush from the crowd. Baba was persuaded to travel by second class instead of third. As Baba entered the compartment, he saw a man already occupying a seat. “This man will be on my chest until Manmad!” he gestured in annoyance to Eruch. “It is better I travel third class with a hundred men, as in that case their attention would be divided and not focused on me. However, request him to change compartments at the next station. Then I will be able to relax.”

The train started, and as soon as it did the man got up and placed his head on Baba’s feet! He had been waiting for an opportunity to see Meher Baba for many years. Baba blessed him and the man agreed to change compartments at the next stop.

19 December 1966

This special message was sent for Naosherwan Nalavala’s periodical the Glow(dictated on 19 December 1966):

It is easy to love me because I am Love. But it is difficult to love me with that love by which I am attained.


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