Meher Today – 19th August

Meher Today – 19th August

19 August 1932

Baba visits Lido Beach, Italy.

19 August 1938

Friday, 19 August 1938 was actually Lord Krishna’s birthday and Baba narrated the story of Krishna and the Pandavas to the Westerners. He ended with these remarks: “The fun of it all is that you who stay with me, who are with me all day, feel I am one of you, so the importance of reverence is naturally nullified, and in its place comes either love or ordinary familiarity. Now, if it is love, you are unconsciously trying to become like me, but if it is only familiarity, then you are trying to make me like you. So love, and then you will become like me.”

19 August 1939

On the evening of 19 August, Sir Mirza came to the Links and sat on the floor before Baba. Baba sent for Norina to come at once. At the time, Norina was in the midst of sweeping her room of a mess Lucky had created. When she received Baba’s message, she ran to him with a broom in one hand and a bucket in the other, wearing an old, tattered dress. She felt awkward and embarrassed when she saw the Dewan and Baba said, “Meet Princess Norina Matchabelli.” She felt hurt that Baba had not warned her to clean up.

Sir Ismail, on the contrary, was impressed at the sight of someone of Norina’s stature carrying a broom! He remarked to Baba, “Your love is wonderful! An educated Western woman from a wealthy background doing this sort of work? Marvelous! She could engage dozens of servants, but it is your love that makes her sweep her own quarters. It is her luck to wield a broom in your court!” Tears welled up in Norina’s eyes on hearing this, and wiped out the hurt she had felt.

19 August 1996

Baba’s sister and devoted disciple, Mani S. Irani dies at Meherazad.

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