Meher Today – 18th September

Meher Today – 18th September

18 September 1922

On 18 September, Baba directed the mandali to go to Pushkar, an important historical place of pilgrimage, ten miles to the northwest of Ajmer. Considering his state of health, the men refused to leave without him. Baba tried to explain, “If I had stayed here alone, I would have been all right by this evening.

Yet since you will not go without me — and I do not wish to deprive you of enjoyment — I will come. But remember my words, it will be your fault that this present illness of mine will be prolonged for fifteen more days!”

18 September 1929

Baba left Bombay for Nasik that day to bid farewell to the women mandali and took with him copies of the photos taken at Russell Studio to give them. He returned to Bombay the next day and was informed of the latest developments. On 18 September, Rustom was assigned power of attorney on Baba’s behalf during his absence.

18 September 1931

On Friday, 18 September 1931, Baba went hiking with the group to see a cave. A discussion thereupon ensued about photographs being taken. One was taken of Baba holding a lamb. Meredith said that a photograph of Baba should be taken in a natural pose, wearing only his sadra, and then one of Baba with the group.

18 September 1954

A Japanese Baba follower asks Baba to come to Japan. Baba responds, “After seven hundred years I will come to Japan.”

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