Meher Today – 18th November

Meher Today – 18th November

18 November 1928

In early November 1928, Baba again began complaining about the climate of Toka. Winter was approaching and the health of the boys and mandali was not good. Many were suffering with colds and fever. On Sunday, 18 November, in an unhappy mood, Baba stated, “Now it is better to shift the ashram back to Meherabad. Except for a few select boys, the rest will be sent back to their homes. The boys of the Prem Ashram are jewels and I will set them on the Path.”

18 November 1937

When Baba had boarded the Circassia, he had glanced at the other passengers and remarked to Norina, “One sincere soul will be found among the many.” But he also cautioned her not to reveal his identity to anyone on board. On 18 November, however, Baba gave Norina permission to give an interview about him to a group of interested passengers whose curiosity she could not suppress. (Chanji attended also to answer questions.) More than a dozen persons gathered in a quiet corner of the deck to hear of Baba.

18 November 1948

From Viramgam Baba left for Morvi in Saurashtra, where on 18 November, he sat with a very great mast, known as Majzoob Ali Shah. Baba went to him at eleven o’clock at night. Upon seeing him the saintly mast exclaimed, “He is a real fakir! He is a real fakir!”

18 November 1952

The schedule for places to be visited during the November and December 1952 and January 1953 mass darshan programs was decided as follows, with those in charge at each place:

18 to 28 November — Hamirpur; Keshav Nigam, Gayaprasad Khare and others

29 November to 4 December — Delhi; Harjiwan Lal, Was Deo Kain

        (5 to 20 December at Meherazad)

21 to 25 December — Amraoti; Dr. Deshmukh

25 to 31 December — Nagpur; Sherlekar, Babadas to help Pophali (there and in Saoner)

31 December to 1 January — Saoner

        (2 to 17 January at Meherazad)

18 to 28 January —West Godavri; Dr. Dhanapathy Rao and Ranga Rao

18 November 1953

Deo Kain invited Baba to Delhi to see an unusual cricket match between the members of Parliament and the Prime Minister’s team. On Wednesday, 18 November 1953, Baba went from Dehra Dun accompanied by Eruch, Pendu, Nilu, Kishan Singh, Kumar and Hellan to watch the match. Meherjee and Nariman had also been called from Bombay to see it. On the way to Delhi, Baba stopped and visited Minoo Desai in Meerut. In Delhi, they stayed at Kain’s house, 16 President Estate.

When Baba and the mandali went to the National Stadium to watch the cricket match the following day, Baba wore a black felt hat and sunglasses so that no one would recognize him. The mandali would also surround him so that no one would see him too clearly. But despite this, spectators gazed at him throughout the game. The Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, saw Baba from a distance and continued to look at him now and then while conversing with his associates.


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