Meher Today – 18th March

Meher Today – 18th March

18 March 1924

For several days Baba roams about Itarsi alone for his inner work. This is perhaps the only time in Meher Baba’s adult life that he was left alone to travel, as per his wish.

18 March 1944

The third distribution function was held at Paithan on Saturday, 18 March 1944. Baba had gone there on the 14th with Adi Sr. and Jalbhai, and over the five-day period he was there, almost 3,000 persons were given grain.  The mandali went from house to house distributing coupons, requesting people to avail themselves of the opportunity. Baba himself personally oversaw the charitable work.

18 March 1950

On 18 March 1950, Baba set out with the four companions for Kankhal to contact the mahatmas in the Chaitanya Dev Ashram. Near the village of Marghat, Baba led them to a camp of a sect of mahatmas. That day, Baba made 418 contacts — bowing his head down at the feet of each holy man.

18 March 1951

Finally, with Baba’s consent, on 18 March 1951 Adi Sr. brought a physician from Bombay named Dr. Merchant. Dr. Merchant was highly impressed with Baba and prescribed a specific treatment of injections near the rectum, and cauterization (which was done using current from Adi’s car battery). He refused to accept any fee, but as prasad, Baba paid him one rupee, informing him that his service was “invaluable” as was Baba’s gift. The treatment, however, did not alleviate Baba’s pain by much.


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