Meher Today – 18th June

Meher Today – 18th June

18th June 1925 – While having tea at the Shahane’s on 18 June, Baba remarked: “One should think twice before inviting a fakir to his home. A Perfect Fakir [Perfect Master] would never harm his followers, but it is difficult to satisfy an advanced soul. Once a fakir is invited, nothing should be refused to him. So it is better to leave him alone. Let him stay where he is.” To illustrate this point, Baba told this tale:

Once a man invited a fakir, as well as hundreds of other guests, to his home. But the fakir arrived much earlier than the appointed time and demanded his meal. Food was brought for him, but he kept asking for more and more, and soon all the vessels were emptied. The host was experienced with holy men and knew he had made a mistake in inviting the fakir — but to refuse him more food would have been a greater mistake. So the food he had prepared for the other 500 guests was given to the fakir. Finally the fakir left contented, and blessed the host for his gesture. However, the host regretted having called such a personality to his house and running the risk of being cursed.

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