Meher Today – 18th January

Meher Today – 18th January

18 January 1939

In the morning of 18 January, Baba took the women for a boat ride on the sacred Ganges River. He explained the significance of Benares and the Ganges, and remarked, “Every Avatar has come to this city and touched his feet in this river’s waters.” 

There are more than 1,500 temples in Benares. When Baba showed them the temple of Visheshwar (the Almighty), he remarked with a smile, “You are seeing the temple of Visheshwar in Visheshwar’s company!”

18 January 1942

From Hubli, Baba journeyed to Nagapattinam, where on Sunday, 18 January 1942, he met Chatti Baba. Chatti Baba was wild with joy at seeing Baba, and like a child would not let go of him. Baba treated him most lovingly and embraced him heartily.

Baba also communed with another high sixth-plane mast-saint in Nagapattinam named Moti Baba. From there he left for Nagore, where he sat with Nagore Shah Wali for some time. Nagore, a very old man with a long white beard, dressed in fine clothes, but also had long fingernails.

18 January 1953

On Sunday, 18 January, Baba proceeded to Dr. Dhanapathy’s bungalow, where he first did his poor work, from 9:00 to 10:00 A.M. As usual, he washed and placed his head on the feet of seven poor souls and paid each Rs.51. As stated, in every program during the Fiery Free Life, this activity had first priority. (Baba would also walk about to contact masts at each stopping place.)

Baba then washed and laid his head on the feet of a boy of seventeen named Bavisetti Murlidhar, and handed him fourteen rupees as prasad. He instructed the boy to utter his name before retiring for the night, never to tell a lie and not to do anything bad. The young man was permitted to accompany Baba and the group on the tour.


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