Meher Today – 18th April

Meher Today – 18th April

18 April 1947

On 18 April 1947, eighteen poor people from a nearby village were brought up the hill. Baba washed the feet of each person, bowed to them and handed them each ten rupees.

The weather was terrible during Baba’s seclusion on the hill at Purandhar. It rained continuously with fierce winds due to a cyclone which was lashing the west coast of India concurrently with Baba’s seclusion.

18 April 1944

Jhipra Baba, a rare type of mast whom Baba had contacted in Nasirabad the year before, was brought by Babadas to Pimpalgaon on 18 April 1944. Baba worked with the mast in seclusion for only one day and sent him back to his village the same night.

The fifth-plane mast Ali Shah of Ahmednagar was brought to Pimpalgaon the same day, and Baba worked with him for a few days.

18 April 1952

At 11:00 P.M. on Friday, 18 April 1952, Baba, accompanied by Mehera, Mani, Meheru, Goher, Rano and Kitty, flew from Bombay’s Santa Cruz airport via Trans World Airlines (TWA) Flight 905. He had not journeyed to the West since going to Cannes in 1937, fifteen long years ago. Dr. Deshmukh and his family, the Gadekars and other close lovers saw Baba and the women off at the airport. Nearly 100 persons came and Baba was profusely garlanded.


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