Meher Today – 17th October

Meher Today – 17th October

17 October 1941

Baba and Perfect Master Upasni Maharaj meet for the last time at Dahigaon. It had been 19 years since Baba had seen Upasni.

17 October 1952

Following the death of Baba’s close disciple, Jal D. Kerawalla, Baba feeds a number of poor at Meherazad in his memory and bows down to each person.

17 October 1962

Baba had sent a telegram to Harry Kenmore on 17 October, instructing him to lend the Luck brothers the necessary amount to travel to India. On this occasion, Baba instructed them to clear themselves of all debts when they returned to New York, and added, “Free yourself from all bindings and stand ready for my call.” Looking at the four young men, he motioned them to leave.

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