Meher Today – 17th March

Meher Today – 17th March

17 March 1950

On 17 March 1950, accompanied by Baidul, Eruch, Gustadji and Pendu, Baba proceeded to Saat Sarovar, where he completed his work by bowing down to 400 sadhus and holy men before evening.
This brought the total contacted so far to 794, since he began this work eight days before.

17 March 1962

Baba loved the game of cricket from his childhood. In 1959, he promised one of his devotees, Nari Contractor, a professional cricketer, that he would make it possible for him to lead the Indian cricket team. Later that year when the team went to England, Nari was in fact made captain. Polly Umrigar, another Baba-lover, was also on his team, and the captaincy should rightfully have been his. In 1962, the Indian cricket team went to the West Indies for a match. On 17 March a ball struck Nari in the head, resulting in a serious injury. He was taken to a hospital, where a four-hour emergency operation was performed.

17 March 1963

Before moving headquarters to Poona, in consideration of his lovers’ wishes, Baba agreed to attend the Ahmednagar Center on Sunday, 17 March 1963. From early that morning, local devotees and their families began assembling in the Center, including several military officers with their wives and children. (Ahmednagar has a large Army base.) The hall was completely full and people were standing outside. Baba arrived with Eruch, Bhau, Pendu and Francis at 9:15 A.M. and was received amidst loud shouts of his Jai. Taking his seat on the dais, he stated: “No one should bow down, garland or embrace me. Only Sarosh, in his capacity as the President of the Center, should garland me.” Sarosh did so and received Baba’s embrace.


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