Meher Today – 17th June

Meher Today – 17th June

17th June 1952 – Baba gives a special message to Sufism Reoriented and indicates that he will send a charter before the end of the year.

17th June 1953 – During the course of conversation that day (17 June) Eruch informed Baba that two devotees from saint Anandamayi Ma had come for his darshan the previous day.

“What did you tell them?” Baba asked.

“I informed them that Baba is seeing no one these days, but they could have his darshan from a distance. Also, that presently Baba is fasting.”

Baba replied, “Fasting is no great thing. Now the time has come when you should understand me better. My fast relates to my work, and is not with a view to achieve any self-importance. So many persons fast daily. Hunger-strikes are a daily news feature in the papers. So, of what significance is a fast? And here, Kishan Singh has been making a big noise about the fact that I am on a fast!”

Annoyed, Baba turned to Kishan and declared, “Go and tell people that Baba is fasting as a penance! … Penance for himself, for his lovers, for those who cry out for my mercy and, in short, penance for the whole world!”

17th June 1967 – Baba finalizes his Last Will and Testament. Eruch and Mani sign it as legal witnesses.

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