Meher Today – 17th July

Meher Today – 17th July

17 July 1947Elizabeth wrote on 17 July 1947 to Darwin Shaw and John Bass, then in Myrtle Beach:

Today Baba went over the maps, pictures and data about Myrtle Beach … Baba is definitely coming in the near future, so take care of Myrtle Beach properties as you would take care of Baba, and work hard to get rid of mosquitoes.

17 July 1966 – On 17 July, Meherwan and Roshan saw Baba briefly and then returned to Poona.

A royal princess of one of the former Indian states had been waiting in Ahmednagar for days in the hope of Baba granting her a moment’s darshan, despite his seclusion. Baba granted her request. When she met Baba, the Rani told him, “I pray to God so hard, but He never answers my prayers. I cannot understand why that should be. I thought God did not let anyone down.”

Baba replied, “God not only does not let anyone down, God is constantly forgiving those who let Him down!”

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