Meher Today – 17th February

Meher Today – 17th February

17 February 1927

On 17 February, Baba bathed 150 poor boys at Upper Meherabad opposite the Water Tank, and he served them food with his own hands. The mandali were served the same food and all returned to lower Meherabad at one o’clock.

Behramji was responsible for the arrangements and complained to Baba that some of the mandali had disobeyed him and had not brought with them the remaining materials from the program. Baba started walking back up the hill to help with the job himself, but seeing this, the mandali members concerned apologized for the misunderstanding. They returned to the hill and brought down everything. There was much to be done for the birthday celebration the following day, and everyone worked until well past midnight in preparation.

17 February 1928

On Friday, 17 February 1928, Baba mentioned that two of the boys, Agha Ali and Muhammad Hussein, were almost ready for a spiritual push, requiring only “the last touch.” There was a long discussion with Raosaheb, Buasaheb, and Baidul about these two boys, whose fathers had not yet signed the agreement (regarding keeping their sons in the ashram for a stipulated period of time). Suddenly that morning, Muhammad Hussein’s elder brother came to take him and another boy, Abbas Ali, away from the ashram. Baba became very sad and serious when he was informed, and retired inside, refusing to see any of the visitors and telling all to leave.

Hussein began crying loudly and tried to run away. As the tonga was about to drive away that evening, the boy jumped down and Raosaheb had to catch him. His brother was angry and beat him severely, making him sit once again in the tonga.

Breaking down then, Hussein pleaded with Raosaheb, “Please go tell Baba that I am being forcibly taken away. I can never forget him! Through my tears, I beg Baba not to forget the promise he has given me!” Hussein continued to weep bitterly as the tonga rode off.

How could Hussein’s brother appreciate the agony of divine love? He who tastes the divine wine alone knows what joyful suffering there is in love. Meanwhile, most touching of all, Baba, too, had tears in his eyes. Chanji bitterly described it as a “black-letter day for Meherabad.”

17 February 1937

10,000 poor people are given bundles of grain and cloth at Nasik as part of Baba’s birthday celebration. Baba touches the feet of all who receive these gifts from him.

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