Meher Today – 17th December

Meher Today – 17th December

17 December 1927

Discussing advanced souls in other parts of the world, Baba revealed on 17 December, “There are three Sat Purushs [God-realized persons] in Persia and one in Egypt. There is one very advanced soul in London, who is stationed between the fourth and fifth planes. He is a ‘telegraph-receiver’ and does as ordered, though I, his Master, am unknown to him.

There is one in America still further advanced. He knows I am his Master.”

17 December 1939

On Sunday, 17 December 1939, the foundation-laying ceremony for Meher Baba’s Universal Center was held. Besides the general public, Baba lovers from Bombay, Poona, Nasik and Ahmednagar attended. Forty buses were hired to carry them from Bangalore. About 4,000 persons participated, including Sir Mirza (the Dewan of Mysore) and other important government officials. Baba came in Elizabeth’s car with Kaka, Jal Kerawalla, Norina and Nadine; he was dressed in a sadra and a brick-red coat.

17 December 1965

In Hyderabad, to commemorate the God-Man’s 71st birthday, 71 days of continuous programs were held, starting on 17 December and concluding on the 25th. Baba sent this telegram to them:

I give my love and blessing to you and all my lovers in Hyderabad and Secunderabad that each of the 71 days of your program may be a blossom on the tree of my love.

To those gathered in Kakinada, Baba cabled:

I give my love blessing to you and to all lovers in Kakinada and elsewhere that each of the 71 days of your program be a flower of your love to be woven into a garland for my 71st birthday.


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