Meher Today – 16th September

Meher Today – 16th September

16 September 1931

On 16 September 1931, between six and seven, Baba instructed Herbert about his future. As mentioned, Herbert had accepted a job in China as Professor of English Literature under the League of Nations, and Baba directed him to proceed to China immediately. Herbert grasped Baba’s feet and wept like a child. He told Baba, “I could not do anything for you. I had promised you, but I could not fulfill my promise.” Baba calmed him, assuring him that there was no cause for worry; everything would be all right. Baba then gave Herbert the following instructions: “Be a vegetarian. Do not smoke or drink. Meditate for one to two hours daily. In your spare time, mingle with the Chinese people and make friends with them. Besides this, whatever else you are to do with them, you will be impelled to do inwardly. Never take opium.

16 September 1933

Baba was invited to attend the Maharashtra Poet’s Conference being held in Nasik at a local school. He agreed to make a brief appearance at the conference on 16 September. He was brought on the stage, thanked and garlanded by one of the organizers.

16 September 1968

On 16 September 1968, Don drove Adi in his car to Manmad, where they met Swami Satchidananda and about 23 of his followers (some of whom were Westerners). Adi gave them literature about Baba and answered questions. One of the group had heard that Meher Baba did not approve of yoga. Adi replied, “Baba is in everything, including yoga. Baba does not displaceanything, but lays great stress on love. And the real purpose of every yoga is to evoke love of God and see that ‘you go’ and ‘Baba comes.’ “

Satchidananda asked when Baba would see them, and Adi replied, “Not now, maybe later.”

After their meeting, Adi reported to Baba that Satchidananda seemed genuine and sincere. Baba was happy to hear the report, but did not call Satchidananda for darshan

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