Meher Today – 16th January

Meher Today – 16th January

16 January 1953

Baba’s first tour of Andhra, in the southern part of India.

16 January 1964

On 16 January, Baba dictated this message for his upcoming birthday:

The aim of life is to love God. The goal of life is to become one with God. The surest and quickest way to achieve this goal is to hold on to my daaman by loving me more and more.

I have suffered much and will have to suffer much more until I break my silence. I give my love to my lovers.

16 January 1965

Baba is taken to the hospital in Ahmednagar for X-rays. As he is experiencing pain in his chest, neck and spine. The doctor surmises that the source of the problem is due to Baba’s having bowed down to so many persons over the years.

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