Meher Today – 16th December

Meher Today – 16th December

16 December 1932

Baba arrives in Genoa, Italy and stays at the Savoy Majestic Hotel.

16 December 1940

Calicut was too hot, so on Monday, 16 December 1940, Baba decided to proceed to Jaipur, and he sent Chanji ahead to find suitable bungalows. It was decided that all should travel to Jaipur by train, and that Don and Nilu should bring the empty Blue Bus with the baggage.

16 December 1949

It was therefore with a sigh of relief that the companions greeted these words from Baba on 16 December: “Let the camel, camel cart, two cows and calf be sold. Don, Eruch and Pendu should go to the railway station to make inquiries about sending the two donkeys, white horse and bullock cart by freight train to Hardwar.”

Baba decided to sell the cows, as he had gotten them at half price, and also because due to the young calf, the companions’ pace had been slowed. The camel likewise walked at a plodding speed, and the camel cart would often break down. The donkeys were to be kept, as the women had discovered they would readily move forward when their backs were loaded. The white horse could not be sold as it was received in alms.

16 December 1956

From Sunday, 16 December 1956, Baba began feeling and looking weaker in health. His pain had risen with renewed intensity. Because Baba’s leg was in traction, the sandbag weights would drag him gradually toward the foot of the bed, and when he was shifted up again, he had terrible pains. There were abrasions on his back because of the previous cast and bed sores, but it was impossible to treat them, as the pain in his leg became excruciating whenever he was moved. Also, because he was always on his back, he had pain in his coccyx.



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