Meher Today – 16th April

Meher Today – 16th April

16 April 1932

Detailed plans had been arranged for Baba’s stay at the Devonshire Retreat. Meredith came to see Baba on Saturday, 16 April 1932 at six o’clock in the morning, returning to Devonshire at 11. Adi Jr., Beheram, Chanji, Kaka, and Ghani were sent ahead to Devonshire that afternoon at three.

In the evening Baba went to see a comic film, A Night Like This, featuring Ralph Lynn.

16 April 1946

Baba leaves Ahmednagar to go to a small village of Niranjanpur(near Dehra Dun) for seclusion.

16 April 1948

Baba and the men left Syansu at 4:30 on the morning of Friday, 16 April 1948 and trekked to Tehri Garhwal. They carried kerosene lanterns to light the way. Since the road was being paved, it was full of heaps of rubble, causing them to occasionally stumble as they walked. Finally, they reached Tehri, where Baba and the men took a bus to Rishikesh the following morning. From Tehri, they proceeded immediately to Hardwar, and boarded a train to Delhi.

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