Meher Today – 15th September

Meher Today – 15th September

15 September 1931

Thomas Watson extends a heartfelt invitation to Baba to come to the United States.

15 September 1937

On 15 September, Alice Trau-Fisher of Vienna, along with her husband Victor, and her mother and father came to Cannes to see Baba. They were staying in Monte Carlo and came again twelve days later and one other time. Alice was a soprano in an opera company and loved Baba deeply. Despite having not seen Baba since Portofino, she had told many in Vienna about him. Alice invited Baba to visit Vienna, and surprisingly, Baba said he would visit there with a party of eleven and stay for ten days, from 7-17 January 1938. The Trau-Fishers were thrilled to hear this. Her parents did not speak a word of English, yet they wept when they met Baba.

15 September 1957

On Sunday, 15 September 1957, Baba washed the feet of 101 lepers at the Ahmednagar leper colony, bowing to them while seated in a low chair (the lepers climbed onto a table), and giving them each prasad of one rupee and a packet of sweets. Among the mandali with Baba were Adi Sr., Bhau, Eruch, Kaka Baria, Jalbhai and Elcha Mistry, who left that day for Bombay. Although the function was private, Dhake, Kaka Chinchorkar and a few others from Ahmednagar were also present, including Beatrice Vigo, to whom Baba remarked: “In the [diseased] physical cages of these lepers dwell beautiful souls. I don’t bow down to them as lepers; by my laying my head on their feet, God is bowing to God! Suffering brings one nearer to God, and for that, these lepers are dearer to me.”

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