Meher Today – 15th March

Meher Today – 15th March

15 March 1937

To avoid driving in the heat of the day, Baba woke them at 1:00 A.M. on Monday, 15 March 1937. After hot tea, they started out at 2:00 A.M. Baba assigned each person’s place in the three cars and, in good humor, posted a list with each one’s new nickname:

In the Ford: Elizabeth, the Eternal, drives; Norina, the Mama; Rano, the Universal Mind; Ruano, the Heavens; Nonny, the Beloved; Kitty, the Love; Canute and Kippy, the Nuisances.

In the Chevrolet: Pendu, the Great, to drive; Tom, the Lover; Malcolm, the Magazine; Jean, the Jewel; Mary, the Merry; Will, the Divine Will; Nadia, the Knower.

In the Opel: Baba, the Infinite; Adi Sr., the Alphabet, drives; Margaret, the Holy Spirit; Delia, the Champak [a flower]; and a boy [either Jalil or Bhagirath].

15 March 1939

Baba was not pleased. On 15 March, he remarked, “Jesus was crucified once, but I am crucified every day — every hour!”

Mohammed Mast actually wept when Baba told Mohammed he was going to Bombay for a week. With tears streaming down his cheeks, the mast muttered, “Dada, how will I live without you for so many days?” It was a very touching scene, and Baba too felt very sad and gave Mohammed a tender, long embrace, which no doubt gave Mohammed the strength to endure the separation from his Beloved.

15 March 1948

Baba contacts masts in Bombay.



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