Meher Today – 15th July

Meher Today – 15th July

15 July 1952 – Baba and mandali arrive in Penn Station, NY and are driven to Scarsdale, NY to stay at the home of Kate Ferris, a friend of Filis Frederick.

15 July 1962 – In honor of the 37th anniversary of Baba’s silence, on 15 July 1962, lovers of the Ahmednagar Center cooked and served a free meal to hundreds of poor people. They asked Baba’s permission to send the food for him and all at Meherazad, and Baba replied, “I, being the poorest of the poor, am happy to accept it.” (Chhagan and Rustom Kaka proposed that food be sent for Baba and the mandali once a week, but Baba did not permit it.)

15 July 1943 – Baba, accompanied by Baidul, Ghani and Gustadji, left Lahore for mast work in Chorkat on Thursday, 15 July 1943. After making the contact, when they were on their way to the railway station, Ghani and Gustadji were so exhausted that Baba had to hire a donkey to carry them. Baba and Baidul proceeded ahead to the train station. Both Ghani and Gustadji were so overcome by fatigue that they fell off the donkey and were late in arriving. The train was about to leave, but the stationmaster delayed its departure on Baidul’s request. Finally, both arrived in quite miserable condition.

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