Meher Today – 15th February

Meher Today – 15th February

15 February 1923

Baba orders a search throughout Bombay for the blind and destitute so he can feed them. Nearly 800 people are fed.

15 February 1955

From 15 February, exactly at twelve midnight, repeat my name [audibly] one night 14 times and the next night 28 and so on alternately for one year. But mind that you do not miss even a single night of repetition, come what may — even if you are on your deathbed. If you do that, then it will be easy for you to receive my gift of love. At that very moment, if you feel like going to the latrine, you should not stop repeating my name. Suppose a scorpion bites you at 11:00 P.M., and at 12:00 midnight you have to repeat my name — you must repeat it. For the whole day, you should not utter audibly my name. Inwardly do what you like, but it should not escape your lips. For 365 days every hour and minute, you will have to be alert, remembering my instructions so that you may not blurt [my name] out!

15 February 1957

Baba touches the feet of 800 poor people, then putting his hand to his forehead gives each the prasad of sweets.

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  1. How blessed Mehar Baba is! I heard that he is an ancient incarnation or avatari purush like Krisna or Jesus or Buddha. My mind is also tending towards him. Chanting the name of Mehar Baba is enough to reach the divinity. Awake me Mehar Baba. Glory to Mehar Baba.

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