Meher Today – 14th September

Meher Today – 14th September

14 September 1922

On Thursday, 14 September, all fasted for 24 hours by the Master’s order while visiting the tomb of the Perfect Master Khwaja Saheb Mu’inuddin Chishti. Chishti is famous for being the Qutub-e-Irshad (head of the spiritual hierarchy) of his time.  Sayyed Saheb and Ghani were told to recite the Fateha (Muslim prayer in honor of the departed souls) inside the shrine.

14 September 1925

Zoroaster’s birthday was celebrated on 14 September. Baba wrote on the slate, “Zoroaster was a great Spiritual Master, like Muhammad and Christ.”

14 September 1953

They reached Hardwar on the afternoon of 14 September. Baba wished to work with a mast residing in a garden a few miles from Kankhal. But because of the recent rain, the dirt road leading to the garden contained large deep puddles and was in a muddy condition. Two or three times, Baba and the men had to get out of the car and wade through the water while the car detoured through the fields. Finally, the mast was found and the contact was to Baba’s satisfaction.

14 September 1954

On Tuesday, 14 September 1954, Baba went to Upper Meherabad early in the morning to meet the Western men. He took each in his love-embrace and stated, “Today, I am giving you my embrace, but do not expect it every day. Else my chest will burst! My heart would not [be able to] stand it!”

Joseph Hamad Harb, 60, originally from Lebanon, had met Baba in America two years before. Here, he vividly describes what it was like to be embraced by the God-Man:

I cannot and I shall not ever forget the first time [Baba] embraced me within his loving arms. It was a most unforgettable feeling — so comforting, so peaceful, so delightful, and my gratitude for this supreme privilege was of such indescribable feeling that the tears welled up and overflowed with joy and happiness. I loved him and didn’t want to take my arms away from him. I wanted more and more of his embracing.

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