Meher Today – 14th October

Meher Today – 14th October

14 October 1931

Leaving Istanbul by train on Wednesday, 14 October 1931, at 5:35 P.M. Baba arrived in Milan two days later, on the afternoon of the 16th at 5:30.

14 October 1938

Baba wished a bus to be built in which he could tour in India. He dictated details to Adi Sr. on 14 October.

14 October 1948

On 14 October, a deed of partnership between 20 of the mandali was executed for Meher Publications, for the purpose of publishing Baba’s books. In attendance at Meherazad were Adi Sr., Dhake, Pendu, Padri, Baidul, Jal Rusi, Sarosh, Jalbhai, Meherjee, Nariman and Kaikobad’s son Ratan, who showed up unannounced. Baba also met Rustom Dinyar of Deolali that day.

14 October 1952

On Tuesday, 14 October 1952, Don took Baba to Ketkar Hospital for more X-rays. Sarosh drove them there. Baba’s body was healing normally, but he still experienced pain in his left leg, ankle joint and arm.

The doctor suggested that Baba practice walking on an even surface and begin regular weight-bearing exercises, which he agreed to do under Don’s supervision at Meherazad.

14 October 1956

Sunday, 14 October 1956, was the holiday of Dassera, and Mehera decorated Sheba grandly and paraded the horse before Baba. Baba loved Sheba and also Mani’s pet cocker spaniel, Peter. That day, Baba took Mehera, Mani, Naja, Rano, Goher and Meheru to see the confluence of the Krishna and Venna Rivers.


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