Meher Today – 14th November

Meher Today – 14th November

14 November 1923

On Wednesday, 14 November, they reached Hyderabad. The weather was exceptionally hot here, and dust storms were swirling through the streets. Baba led Behramji, Gustadji and Slamson through the town in search of somewhere to stay; but failing to find a suitable accommodation, he decided to continue to Karachi.

14 November 1941

On Friday, 14 November 1941, accompanied by Baidul, Krishna, Gustadji, Savak and Kaka, Baba left Dharwar by train to see Chatti Baba. He first proceeded to Bangalore, where he spent the night at Zulekha Lodge, on Margrette Road. The next day, they traveled on to Nagapattinam. Chatti Baba had left his usual place for another spot quite far away and Baba had to traverse twelve miles of rough dirt roads to find him. Heavy rain began falling, but Baba continued through the mud and slush, wading through knee-deep water to reach the place where the great mast was sitting.

14 November 1944

Baba visits the Theosophical Society in Nagpur. Baba’s messages “The Dynamics of Love” and “The Unity of All Life” are read aloud.

14 November 1952

Baba issues a charter establishing Sufism Reoriented.

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