Meher Today – 14th December

Meher Today – 14th December

14 December 1932

After a week in London, Baba bid farewell to his close ones and proceeded to Zurich, on Wednesday, 14 December 1932.  Besides the mandali, accompanying him were Norina, Elizabeth, Enid and Quentin.

14 December 1934

After three days in New York, on Friday, 14 December 1934, Baba took a train westward across America, headed for California. Besides the mandali of Chanji, Kaka, Adi Sr. and Jalbhai, accompanying him were Elizabeth, Norina, Minta, Nadine, Rano, Nonny and Ruano. During the three-and-a-half-day journey to Los Angeles, the train halted briefly at a few places along the way, such as Chicago (where they changed trains to the Santa Fe California Limited) and Kansas City. Baba was headed for Hollywood and occupied himself with reviewing the film scripts and discussing the variations in plots and characters.

14 December 1935

Baba and a few mandali went to Bombay on Saturday, 14 December 1935, where he stayed at Banubai Confectioner’s for a week. Alamai Katrak, who lived downstairs from Banubai used to stand on guard duty by the door as she had orders from Baba not to let anyone enter. Freiny Masi came one day and asked to be allowed to see Baba. Alamai was firm and refused to let her enter. “Do you know who I am?” asked an incredulous Freiny Masi. “I am Padri’s mother!” Alamai replied, “I don’t care if you’re Padri’s father, you’re not going inside!” But Baba intervened and permitted her to enter.

14 December 1936

From Nasik, Baba came to stay at Bhandardara for five days on 14 December, accompanied by Bhagirath. Two days later, Garrett, Nadine Tolstoy and Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna arrived from America on the Conte Verde.



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