Meher Today – 13th October

Meher Today – 13th October

13 October 1928

On Saturday, 13 October 1928, the thirty-fourth day of Baba’s fast and the fourth day of his seclusion, all gathered at five o’clock near the entrance of the Manzil for the lighting of the dhuni. Afterwards, the boys and mandali were served tea and sweets. Baba cautioned the boys that during the cold weather they should sit near the dhuni in the morning. He ordered that the dhuni be lit at seven in the morning; then, after some hours, it should be extinguished and again lit in the evenings. Jalbhai was to prepare the fire, Chhagan to light it, and Baidul to extinguish it.

At about noon the same day, Adi Sr. and Nusserwan arrived, bringing with them a gray-haired Russian called Sadhu Christian Leik. He was the European that Baba had mentioned, and Leik was overjoyed at finding the atmosphere in Toka so congenial and uplifting, as he had been searching a long time for a guru.

13 October 1938

On 13 October 1938, Baba wrote to Will:

I note what you say in your letters about the different ones you are helping, and how, through your love for me, they too are drawing closer to me, and also finding they can lean on me and feel my help, even though they may not have seen me in the flesh. To some, it is a greater help to know me through my disciples. Not all can understand the human side of God. It is more difficult for some to follow and obey God in human form, due to preconceived ideas of God.

Ghani’s brother Abdur Rehman saw Baba on 13 October and requested Baba’s help in a court case. His landlord and his wife had been murdered in Lonavla, and the police were questioning him and his father about it, due to a dispute between the landlord and Ghani’s family, who were owed money. Khak Saheb also saw Baba that day.

13 October 1939

On 13 October 1939, Nonny had a heart attack, and the next evening, at age 64, she closed her eyes forever with a sweet smile on her face.


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