Meher Today – 13th July

Meher Today – 13th July

13 July 1925 – Baba begins writing a book in his Jhopdi (cottage) at Meherabad each morning between 5 and 8:30 a.m. This book has come to be known as “The Book”, and to this day it has not been seen.

13 July 1932 – Baba’s ship reaches Colombo, the capital of Ceylon. Baba is driven around the city by taxi.

13 July 1966 – A Bombay citizen sends a telegraph to Baba on behalf of all 5 million Bombay citizens suffering from lack of rain to the point of evacuating the city. Baba responds by cable, “Bombay has begun to receive rains. Love, Meher Baba.” Before the cable reached the citizens hand, it is raining in Bombay.

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