Meher Today – 13th January

Meher Today – 13th January

13 January 1923

On Saturday, 13 January, the Master described to the mandali a dream he had had the previous night:

I was traveling with the mandali by train. From the opposite direction, a long funeral procession was coming. On inquiry, I learned that this was Babajan’s funeral. At Poona, I got down from the train and went to Char Bawdi. There I saw Babajan lying down, surrounded by a large crowd, wailing and shouting that she had died. I passed my hand over Babajan’s face, and she rose!

I told her that people thought she was dead and gone, and her only reply was, “Yes, that’s right — I really am dead!”

13 January 1931

On the evening of Tuesday, 13 January 1931, the inauguration of the Meher Film Company (a company formed by Rustom to produce films) was held in Nasik with music and singing.

13 January 1942

In memory of Upasni Maharaj, Baba instructed the men and women mandali and his lovers everywhere to fast completely, taking tea only twice on 13 January 1942, and to hold a public feast on the 14th.

13 January 1959

On Tuesday, 13 January 1959, Baba met a group of newspaper reporters. He stated: “I am happy to be able to meet this group of intelligentsia who possess a warm heart for the spiritual aspect of life.”


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