Meher Today – 13th February

Meher Today – 13th February

13 February 1923

On 13 February, a large pandal (tent) was erected over the backyard of the compound for Maha Shivratri and Baba’s 29th birthday celebration. Bhajan singing was held there at midnight. Baba, however, spent most of the time with Ghani in the upper hall.

13 February 1939

On 13 February 1939, Baba explained that there were six spiritually advanced souls in Ajmer: two on the sixth plane, two on the fifth, and two between the third and fourth or fifth and sixth. “When one dies, another takes their place, so as to maintain the same number [six],” Baba stated.

13 February 1951

Baba’s 100 days of seclusion begins in Mahabaleshwar. He fasts off and on throughout the seclusion.
From 13 to 28 February, Baba spent the days in the cabin, the hut and the compound, staying inside the hut from 11:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The space was enclosed on all sides so that he was not visible. Eruch, Pendu, Baidul, Nilu and Murli were on watch. From 13 February, for seven days Baba fasted on only water; after which, he partially fasted by eating only once a day.


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