Meher Today – 13th December

Meher Today – 13th December

13 December 1928

On 13 December, Baba began spending his nights in the underground crypt on the hill again. The same day, Agha Ali’s father came from Bombay, looking for his son who had run away from home again, although he had not yet arrived at Meherabad. The father gave into the mandali’s persuasions and agreed to allow his son to stay with Baba. The next day the “hero” appeared at the ashram, exhausted from his latest escape.

13 December 1933

Baba held discussions on 13 December 1933 with Padri, Beheram, and Naoroji about building a movie studio at Meherabad, as well as constructing accommodations for housing the Europeans who were to arrive. Baba suggested having the studio at Meherabad, the film processed in Bombay, and the Westerners lodged in Ahmednagar.

13 December 1952

On Saturday, 13 December 1952 for four hours, from 7:00 to 11:00 A.M., Baba walked about Khuldabad and sat inside the dargahs (Muslim shrines) of three Qutubs, Hazrat Zarzari Zar Baksh, Burhanuddin, and Sayyed Jainuddin Shirazi (the grave of the king Aurangzeb is here)  and the tombs of two other walis (Muslim saints). Before this, Baba asked the mandali, “Why should a real lover of God visit particular places? What need is there for him to do so when God is everywhere?” He himself supplied the answer: “The reason is that certain types of lovers prefer certain places to reach God. Particular places appeal most to them in order to approach God.”


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