Meher Today – 12th October

Meher Today – 12th October

12 October 1922

Baba gives a discourse at Manzil-e-Meem at 4:30 a.m. regarding the purification of the internal and external states.

12 October 1926

Baba would write his book during the day at the box-like cabin inside Sai Darbar, and at night he would continue writing in the Table Cabin. But on Tuesday, 12 October 1926, he again retired to the water reservoir on the hill for what he indicated would be a period of 100 days of special work. The mandali and students took him there in a procession at 8:30 that evening. Bhajans were sung and afterward tea was served.

12 October 1945

On Friday, 12 October 1945, Baba began contacting the nearly 50 masts whom Baidul had located in Calcutta. Among the most significant contacts was Pir Saheb, a mental conscious old Muslim who was widely respected by the wealthy and influential in Calcutta. This Muslim saint met people only by appointment, and Baba met him at a fixed time and was most pleased to commune with the old sage. Baba also contacted another advanced Muslim, Maula Pir Saheb.

Sufi Saheb was a good mast, who for over 25 years had never been known to sit down. All those years this mast either walked about or stood, and he supposedly even slept standing. When Baba contacted him in Calcutta, he had given up that habit and was found in a tiny room, where he sat all day and seldom moved.

12 October 1949

The electric inspector came on 12 October 1949, tested the equipment and, finding it satisfactory, permitted its use. On that night of the 12th, for the first time, Meherazad was functioning with electric lights. But Baba, who had insisted that certain fittings be done in the first place, complained throughout the night about the irritating loud noise of the generator and, from the next day, the electricity was switched off.

12 October 1960

On Wednesday, 12 October 1960 (the original date for the end of his fast), Baba had some rice and dal, and also buttermilk and soup. But eating the food only made his pain greater, because swallowing hurt terribly.


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