Meher Today – 12th November

Meher Today – 12th November

12 November 1941

On 12 November, Baba left Belgaum for Dharwar at eleven o’clock, reaching there three hours later. Although Mokashi’s bungalow at Saptapur, which had been rented, was quite spacious, there was the problem of scarcity of water. Krishna, Venkoba Rao and Kashinath (an employed servant boy from Dharwar) were given the work of bringing water, after drawing it up from a deep well. But Venkoba was weak, and Kashinath also had the duty of doing the marketing, so the task usually fell to Krishna. To bring sufficient water for nearly 40 women was an exhausting task.

12 November 1944

Baba visits the ashram of Sri Ramakrishna in Nagpur and has his message, “God as the Only Reality” read aloud.

12 November 1948

Baba is in Delhi contacting masts (God-intoxicated souls).

Early in the morning of 12 November, Baba had a humorous encounter with a mast named Amanullah Kabuli. He was a high half-jamali, half-jalali mast. Baba handed him ten rupees after their private contact, and then this amusing conversation in Urdu took place between them. Baba spoke through Baidul.

“Where are you going now?” the mast asked.

“Ajmer,” Baba replied.

“I will come with you,” the mast said.

“I will pay you ten rupees more for train fare,” Baba said. “You should buy your own ticket to Ajmer and go there by yourself.”

Baba handed him an additional ten-rupee note and then said, “Now permit us to proceed to Ajmer.”

Amanullah, pointing to Baba, said, “You and the others may go, but he [pointing to Baidul] must return in the evening.”

“For God’s sake, allow us all to go!” pleaded Baba.

Again pointing to Baba, Amanullah answered: “God is standing just in front of me, so how can I let Him go?”

Baidul chatted with him about various mundane things and tried to exact his permission to leave. Amanullah finally gave his consent, but turning to Baba uttered, “Inwardly I will constantly be sending you my ‘love-telegrams.’ ” You may be in either the East or the West, but my love-cables will be so powerful, they will drag you back to me!”

“When you call me, I will come,” Baba assured him.

Amanullah replied, uttering this couplet in Persian: “Wherever I cast my eyes, I see only You.”

The mast continued speaking Persian for some time. In the end, with much love, and with tears in his eyes, he grasped Baba’s hand and after a few moments allowed Baba to leave.


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