Meher Today – 12th March

Meher Today – 12th March

12 March 1937

On 12 March 1937, Baba found out that Ghani was studying a book to learn how to read people’s minds. In a teasing mood, Baba asked him, “What will you do when you learn this?”

Ghani replied, “I will go to Japan and earn a lot of money.”

Baba spelled out, “Your idea is splendid, but why are you so selfish? Did you ever think of helping me? I am in dire financial straits at the moment.”

So Ghani said, “If you give me the power to read minds, I will give you 50 percent of whatever I earn!”

“All right,” Baba agreed, “but for you to gain that power you will have to remain on milk for one year!” Thereupon, Ghani was christened Professor Ughansi — meaning the “Lazy One.”

12 March 1940

Baba broke his orange juice-and-lettuce fast on Tuesday, 12 March 1940 and declared, “Between the 11th and 20th of March, something very sensational will happen that will affect the world and the war, and especially Britain.”

He therefore informed all that it would be necessary for him to fast again on the 20th

12 March 1959

On 12 March 1959, news was received that Gadekar had died in Poona at midnight at the age of 55. He had been sitting on his bed repeating Baba’s name when his heart suddenly stopped. Don had been to see him that morning. Baba commented, “Only I know how fortunate Gadekar was, who with his last breath called out my name. He has come to me forever.”

Baba sent this telegram to Gunatai:

Gadekar was dear
Now he has come near.
Inform all not to fear,
But to love me with cheer.

Baba added: “Be happy that Gadekar enjoys my company forever.”


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