Meher Today – 12th February

Meher Today – 12th February

12 February 1949

On Saturday, 12 February 1949, Baba went to Upper Meherabad in the morning. It was his 55th birthday, but no special celebration was done (except for the serving of a traditional sweet dish). In the afternoon the mandali were called to the hall at lower Meherabad, where Baba reviewed their choices for disposal of their body in case of death and their individual wills.

12 February 1952

Meher Baba’s 58th birthday was celebrated in Meherazad on Tuesday, 12 February 1952. The companions offered the following invocation in Baba’s presence as dictated by him:

O God! Today being my first real birthday, my heart expresses that the declaration of the LIFE by me was entirely Yours and by Your will, because nothing happens save by Your will.

All my knowledge and my ignorance, all my strength and my weakness, all my freedom and my bondage are as You have desired and decreed.

This Life Eternal will be lived by me in conformity with Your will, and every word of the declaration of the LIFE will come to pass by Your grace.

The prayer was issued as a Life Circular, and sent to all concerned. The circular also contained this message from Baba:

“God’s blessings and my love to you all on this my first real birthday!”


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