Meher Today – 12th December

Meher Today – 12th December

12 December 1934

When the ship docked in New York on Wednesday, 12 December 1934, a group of newspaper reporters and photographers tried to invade Baba’s cabin, but he would not meet them and instructed Chanji to send them away. As usually happened with Baba’s arrivals in foreign countries, there was some delay in their disembarkation. After a considerable wait, the press dispersed. One newspaper article described Baba as wearing a sweater, coat, hat and carrying a silver-knobbed cane. “Immigration officials tried to make him talk. But he just smiled and let his secretary speak for him.”

12 December 1940

On 12 December 1940, Baba explained another point to the women about meditation:

Those of you who are unable to meditate should repeat my name without being bothered by thoughts. Thoughts are like mosquitoes, and my name is the mosquito net. When you are within the mosquito net, the mosquitoes may buzz around you, but they cannot bite you. Thus, by repeating my name, like the mosquito net, it will save you from the stings of the mosquito-thoughts that try to distract you, and you will be unmoved.

12 December 1949

Meher Baba had spent twelve days in Sarnath. At seven o’clock on Monday morning 12 December 1949, Baba, leading the way, left on foot with the four women and Eruch nearby. The whole caravan followed two hours later. The white horse — symbolizing purity and the sanctity of the Avatar’s advent — was in Don’s charge. Behind it, Pendu drove the caravan, pulled by the black English bull, Rajah,  followed by the camel cart driven by Baidul. In the rear came Sadashiv, driving the bullock cart, and behind it, the two cows, calf and two donkeys.


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