Meher Today – 12th August

Meher Today – 12th August

12 August 1949

On Friday afternoon, 12 August 1949, Baba returned with everyone to Meherazad; and as soon as he returned, “war drums” began sounding! Day and night, he began dictating to Eruch instructions about the mandali’s future, preparing for the meetings to be held at Meherabad in three days.

12 August 1956

The entire Melbourne group assembled around the L-shaped lounge at O’Briens’ home, and each was introduced to Baba and received his embrace.

August is one of the winter months in Melbourne, and some rooms of the house were chilly. Baba had everyone sit down in front of him. Many sat on the floor.

He first said: “All of you should feel free and make yourselves comfortable; stretch out your legs and relax. Once, one of my meetings in India lasted for two hours, and there were a few who kept their legs under them and felt uncomfortable the whole time. So, I ask all of you to feel at ease, stretch your legs and sit comfortably.”

One person said, “But we are not supposed to stretch the soles of our feet toward you; we must respect you, Baba, you are God!”

In reply, Baba stated: “God is everywhere. I am everywhere, even under the soles of your feet. Wherever you move your legs or feet, I am there. So, of course, there is nothing wrong in freely stretching your legs. Baba comes down to your level and becomes one with you.”

12 August 1959

Baba paid a surprise visit to Khushru Quarters on Wednesday, 12 August 1959 to see Feram, who was suffering with neuralgic pain, and advise him about his treatment.  Feram was the “nervous type,” and over the years, Baba often had Eruch write reassuring notes to him about his health. In one postcard, when Baba was at Guruprasad, Eruch wrote: “Baba wants you not to fear nor worry at all. All the things that seem to pester, frighten and distress you are all his doing for your own good. Baba says, ‘Nothing can harm my Feram!’ ”

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