Meher Today – 11th September

Meher Today – 11th September

11 September 1931

The Rajputana landed at Marseilles in the early hours of Friday, 11 September 1931.  Meher Baba stepped onto the shores of Europe for the first time at eight that morning. Meredith Starr and Herbert Davy were waiting to receive him. Baba was dressed in a white sadra and a brown fur coat, with a pink muffler wrapped around his neck and head. Much correspondence had taken place with Meredith Starr, 41, since he had left India three years before, in December 1928, thus establishing the Master’s link with the West through him.

11 September 1954

Baba followers from the West arrive at Meherabad for a gathering with Baba which lasts until the 30th, later called the Three Incredible Weeks.

11 September 1965

Baba confirmed this, when he dictated on 11 September 1965: “My hip joint is behaving now and the pain is much less and I can walk about a little from room to room without botheration. The pain in the neck had almost gone by the end of July, but it has returned and is severe now. The whole universe is a ‘pain in the neck’ and the more the burden the greater the pain! At present the burden of Universal work and consequent suffering is too great, and the pain-in-the-neck is also very severe consequently.”

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